October 29, 2017

Web: ISA Yachts New Web Site

International Shipyards Ancona, better known to the general public as ISA Yachts presents a new version for its World wide web Internet showroom. Founded in 1998 by a group of managers from Ancona, in 2006 it is taken over by Yachting Investors Group, and in 2016 again by the the Neapolitan Palumbo Group.  ISA has been a huge success in the Super Yacht market in recent years, fueled by booming orders in this sector. ISA started building its first super yacht in 2001 which it launches in 2003 and this was a 47.50 meter, and as history say the Adriatic Sea based builder has not looked much back ever since. Since 2001 ISA Yachts had delivered 32 super yachts from 37 up to 66 meters.  The most successful ISA model has been the 120 Sport delivered in eleven units from 2005 till 2017. The success of ISA is not only based on the design but also on flexibility which the yard says is among the best in the Super Yachting World. The new ISA Yachts website is available in English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Welcome, Yachts, Projects, About Us, News, and Contact. As is normal ISA also features its social media pages; Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin with link buttons located at the bottom of the web page.

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