October 26, 2017

Engine: Yanmar 4LV 195hp

Yanmar introduces the new 4LV series engine, here shown in its 195hp version.  The 4LV will  be offered in a range of five engines with outputs from 150 to 250hp which harness the very latest in electronically managed CR fuel injection technology for the mid-section of Yanmar’s range of clean and efficient diesels.  Yanmar has released three of the anticipated 4LV versions, introducing the 150, 170, and 195hp units in Cannes. The engines have been specifically designed for the rigors of both sailing yachts over 60 ft, power recreational boating such as super yacht tenders and small commercial craft applications.  Demonstrating the Yanmar best-in-class features reflected throughout its new generation of marine diesel engines, the new 4LV range is clean, inter connective, quiet, powerful and fuel efficient. By exceeding the strict EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Tier 2 emission regulations, the engines feature virtually smoke and odor free operation.  For direct connectivity, the 4LV range has been developed alongside Yanmar’s industry leading electronic control and monitoring systems and connects seamlessly with NMEA or J1939 networking. This ensures support of advancing marine technologies and allows future-proofed integration to any multi-function bridge display.  The engines incorporate the latest technology to enable very low vibration and noise levels for a smooth and quiet running engine. These include a chain rather than belt drive, a counterbalance shaft and refined component design.  Featuring a class-leading power-to-weight ratio, the 4LV delivers a powerful low-end torque performance due to the 2.8 L displacement. This results in a stunning acceleration and set these engines apart from others in their power range.  The digital control systems constantly monitor the engine to maximize performance and minimize fuel consumption, ensuring these are among the most fuel-efficient engines on the market.  Furthermore, the range will be complemented by a choice of Yanmar controls, which include the VC10 electronic control panel, bringing real time diagnostics, and the JC20 joystick system, providing innovative maneuvering solutions.

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