October 1, 2017

blogger - History Lessons

I am pretty keen on historic data about some design firsts from yacht builders.  I came into this seeing some of the popular magazines changing and thwarting facts in order to aid the other name which possibly is paying a big chunk of there bills.  But during a recent brokerage visit I had to unlearn what I have learned.
The visit concerned a Versilcraft 15ml Mystere build in 1977 which to my surprise featured a full beam owners cabin in just fifteen meters of length.  For those that don't know the Versilcraft 15ml Mystere was a mid seventies build wooden motor yacht in the full renaissance of the Italian Viareggio boating era of the period. 
For its size the Versilcraft Mystere with an overall length of sixteen meters was an absolute pioneer, and was ahead of the Azimut that pioneered the same design in the nineties and the start of the new millennium in a similar size.
Now the obligatory question comes automatic. How did this design feature which has become a must for motor yachts of around the Versilcraft sixteen meter size from around 2002 vanish from the seventies till about 1994. It seems by my research so far that no one offered this solution for the exception of the larger fiberglass build Canados 58 launched in 1987 and which measured an overall length of nineteen meters, and featured an option two layout with a full beam midships cabin.
It can be a lot of answers to my question.  But I think it comes to this. In the eighties the desire of speed increased not by little from new clients in Italy and the Med, who wanted to go above the magical thirties max and a cruise in the mid twenty knots.  This request was also followed by good sea keeping and a deep-Vee hull.  A performing deep-Vee hull is also followed by important weight distribution especially to what concerns the heavy engines of the time and minimal shaft angle.  
So the answer is simply more then one; speed, sea-keeping, and a good weight distribution to allow easy planing in rough seas, that is why the 

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