July 13, 2017

Project: Gagliotta 48 Lobster

Gagliotta present the project for a 48 Lobster, a continuation of the Lobster 35, this series from the Italian Neapolitan builder is all about following tradition.  The exterior of the Lobster 48 is a traditional Down East boat inspired lines.  But tradition inspiration does not stop from the basic three double cabins layout; forward owners cabin and two double cabins at midships, and last to the always loved line shaft propulsion system. Apart the plans Gagliotta is pretty silent on details for the Lobster 48 as engine choices, and performance numbers.  The 35 was designed by the Germans Judel and Vrolijk famous for there Americas Cup success with Alinghi, but here we have no designer mentioned.  The Gagliotta 48 Lobster started production planning at the end of Winter 2017, and the Neapolitan builder is also preparing project plans for a Lobster 42 model. 

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