July 1, 2017

blogger - True Summer Story

Summer brings always the interesting times for boat loving people, when pontoon talking takes over from the internet chats, as it happens on the forums or the various social media outlets.  The marinas create a social hub from the talk re personnel for repairs, weekend destinations, cruise of the year, and off course all about the boats too.
As it happens in any marina every season, someone in it, will buy the new bigger or better toy which creates a certain buzz around it in the area.  For some, times start to get interesting with an urge to upgrade and change.  A week before the same owners where complaining to themselves what a money pit the boat is, now a week later or after that enjoyable day on the water the self thought is more centered how could one live without a boat and following that the thinking to make a change and an upgrade.  
It is always interesting how a few enjoyable hours and what the feel good factor does to people!  As all boat lovers say, bring the Summer season and for us in the Northern Hemisphere it is full on.

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