July 16, 2017

Web: Dellapasqua New Web Site

Dellapasqua presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Starting up in 1956 Giancarlo Dellapasqua gets an apprenticeship with Lugaresi Naval Shipyard in Rimini where in three years he gets the title and licence of master craftsman with the ability to build boats up to 150 tons. Feeling confident of his title in 1959 Dellapasqua founds his boat building premises first in Savignano on Rubicone, and later on in 1970 moving to the today establishment of Marina di Ravenna. The first year of the Dellapasqua DC brand is successful with the deliveries of seventeen boats. The first boats of DC are flat bottomed hulls, but hearing of the success of the deep Vee Hunt shape, Dellapasqua decides to renew his designs with the new trend, put some personal modifications and use it from there onward for all his boats. This intuition puts Dellapasqua competing in important races in Italy of the time so that his name gets more established, and with the help of this creates the first DC4 and DC5 models. Following the operation of new premises in 1971 Dellapasqua produces its first fiberglass boat with the DC6. With this comes the fiberglass laboratory in Punta Marina of 35.000 squared meters, and a personal office in Lavagna. In 1990 Giancarlo Dellapasqua buys the other half of brand rights from Carnevali for the DC brand, this now means a full family operation. Giancarlo son Mirco graduates in the Nautical Institute of Trieste becoming responsible for fiberglass, Patrizia takes care of administration, and younger Serenella who joined in 1991 is handed over the technical department. Another important figure in the yard is Stefano Salvadori husband to Marinella who responds to the suppliers for the building of the Dellapasqua boats. Today at close to sixty years in operation Dellapasqua has delivered over 1300 boats most of which to order with a great input from the owner. The current Dellapasqua line up features fifteen models and starts with the DC7 Elite, up to the DC18 SL flagship. The new Dellapasqua website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons: Boat Yard, Fleet, Used, Charter, Service, Concept Design, and Contacts.  

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