July 11, 2017

Project: Azimut 60 Flybridge

When Azimut releases a project in around the seventeen to eighteen meter size everyone enters into attention lets see what they got mode.  Let's be frank the Italian known by everyone Azimut and its designers have been a game changer in this size both in the early nineties with the revolutionary AZ54; first to have a midships owners stateroom in this size, and then again at the start of the new millennium when it launched the ground breaking 55 with its how did they do it midships full beam owners cabin.  This new 60 project is the next step of what the 55 represented in the Genoa boat show year 2000, and which after that sold in five hundred units plus in its eight years production run.  The 55 was followed by the 58 launched in 2007 and then developed into the current 60 as presented in the fall of 2011.  The 60 just as was the 58/60 before it, is an evolution to the series, being the next step the revolutionary 55 represented.  By the renderings of this new 60 we see that designer Righini is bringing details from recent other Azimut Flybridge models see new 50 and 66 models type windows, and the Alfa Romeo inspired bow of the S series.  Inside Azimut does not follow trends and sticks to its beliefs; see central galley instead of the astern location so much favored nowadays by the other famous names in this size.  Below deck is the main difference between the old and new 60, as the new Azimut  offers a three cabins three head layout, with a third day guest head to port of the stair case which takes from the saloon to the cabins.  I always thought this detail had to come in the 58 back in 2007 especially when thinking that the Azimut 55 first full beam midships cabin challenger the Aicon 56 offered the third head back when launched in 2002.  The Azimut 60 will be powered by the Man 800hp engines of which a top speed of 32 knots is being estimated.  Technical numbers are lightly different to the current 60 meaning that probably the Azimut technical department might have started with a blank paper.  An interesting detail also present in the new 60 data is the 2.9 tons less of displacement versus the outgoing model.

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