October 21, 2016

New Model: Bertram 35

Today we live in times full of expectations created by marketing gurus who basically are able to make the hype of nothing.  Interestingly the new Bertram 35 and considering the history here, has had a low profile call it shy launch in one of the National US boat shows.  This new Bertram 35 marks two important returns; the relaunch of the iconic name inventor of the deep-V hull shape after a couple of difficult years, and a modern recreation of its first and most sold 31 model delivered in over 1700 units for a production run of twenty years. Saying all this, the Bertram name return has had the desired impact, with nine units sold on plan and prior to launch for the Micheal Peters and Marty A.Lowe designed 35 model.  It is still early days for Gavio's Group Bertram, owners of the US legend since the start of 2015 but this long term project looks all set up in the right direction. The challenge is now for all to see as the first 35 heads to various boat shows, and then after this in the hands of owners, who will be the ultimate real judges of Bertram's new chapter and whether it can reach or exceed the level bar which comes with the legendary name. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.69 m (35.1ft)
Waterline Length - 9.57 m
Beam - 3.78 m
Draft - 0.76 m ex props
Displacement - 9434 kg medium load
Fuel Capacity - 1135 l
Water Capacity - 189 l
Accommodation - 2 + 2 berths
Engines - 2 x 460hp 
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 40 knots max
Construction - Infused vinilester with solid glass bottom, Kevlar reinforced centerline, strakes, and structure grid 
Project - Micheal Peters hull and exterior, Marty A.Lowe Inc interior

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