October 19, 2016

Web: GTMM New Web Site

GTMM presents its new world wide Web show room. Founded in 2010 by Giovanni Theodoli the company has roots coming from the status symbol and highly respected Magnum Marine stable. Giovanni is indeed the son of the current since 1976 Magnum owner, and has worked in the legendary company since 1990 first in the electrical department, then doing sea trials, quality control, and last as customer relations. After many years building bigger Magnums his attention turned to the roots of the brand, which will be the aim of GTMM. Giovanni is helped by Scott V.Smith also a Magnum employer from 1999 till 2010, and prior to this working with Cigarette for fourteen years, and winning two offshore powerboats World Championships in 1982 and 1998. GTMM current range offers two performance models 27, and 39.  Interesting to note that Giovanni keeps the Magnum philosophy building his models to order and semi custom. The GTMM web site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, About Us, News Blog, Digital Media, and Contact Us.  GTMM is also on Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube pages links located in the Contact Us page. 

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