October 12, 2016

Project: Rose Island 12 Giano

Rose Island has always been very intuitive of market trends, responsible to no small part to the Down East lobster boat success in the Italian market.  Rose Island and its design team; Mario Alfani exterior, Aldo Gatti hull, Fabio Rosa engineering, and boat builder Stefano de Franceschi offer a fresh approach to the Explorer Cruiser presenting the 12 Giano project. A two cabin four berths, with a living on the main deck, the 12 Giano also features an unedited keel shape coupled to an innovative exterior which merge Pilot ship like super structure with a modern ax-bow hull shape.  Interesting looks and content, what strikes in the technical details is the 12 Giano two thousand liter fuel storage capacity which is 30% more to the usual standard in this size.  This allows for a greater range which at a cruise speed of eighteen knots give 440 nautical miles autonomy.

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