January 1, 2017

blogger - More Growth

2016 marked another growing year for the industry, with important builders reaching new sale highs of the last six years.  This is all interesting positive news considering that the World in 2016 took some complicated decisions, which will make the future a less liberal place to be.  
Future forecast is that 2017 is also looking as a growing year for the nautical industry, with estimates suggesting another double digit growth to 2016.  Interestingly it is not the first time we are seeing this, and when the World feels confused the nautical industry gets a boost and grows.  2001/2 are prime example of this.  
It seems to just happen that with the news happening around, people think that it is just not worth to bother much and switch into enjoying life around them.  Why not?  Life is also about enjoying it to the full, and a boat is an adventurous independent way to do that which makes switching off  from the usual routine amazingly easy.
PowerYacht wishes a happy 2017 to its readers, followers, and viewers.

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