October 17, 2016

Project: Sundeck 670

Starting with a project of the Sundeck 550 in 2015, this Italian boat builder is slowly expanding its range to a complete offer in the explorer cruiser yacht segment with the just launched 450 entry level to the project for a new eighty feet flagship.  This project of the 670 is the next natural step up for Sundeck following the success of the 550, and sees designer Maurizio Zuccheri expand a family feeling look and the small ship features of the smaller model into larger dimensions. Interestingly for an explorer yacht the Sundeck 670 surprises for its exterior spaces with a lot of thought going into making the fore deck a prime entertainment area.  The Sundeck 670 offers interesting performance numbers with the standard twin 850hp engines reaching max speeds of 27 knots, and a 17 knots cruise giving a four hundred nautical mile range.  Slow your speed further at nine knots and your range becomes 1500 nautical miles.      

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