October 1, 2016

blogger - American Italian Connection

It is a recurring connection which has been happening over the years in the boating industry, that of Americans to cooperate with Italians.  A connection which has widespread over the years in other areas of  the motor boating World as designers, engineering, and construction advances. There is a certain connection between the two countries which in boating World never stopped one way or another to happen.  In 2016 this happens again in the format which it started, a boat build in Italy for a USA manufacturer, and possibly by the same company starting this connection, i.e Chris Craft.
First it was Chris Craft in the seventies who started to produce boats for Europe in Fiumicino, on the Rome Tiber river exit to the sea in Italy. A production unit which will last over ten years till the end eighties. Then we had Magnum who bought out by Italian entrepreneur Theodoli in 1976, started to have the interior of some of the larger Magnum's produced in Italy. Riva also had the share of cooperation and apart being owned by the Whitaker Group in the late sixties till the eighties also co-produced the Riva Bertram 25, which was a more expensive cruiser version of the Bertram 25.  Then we go again to Bertram who in 1992 was bought by Italian Gianni Varasi, sold to Intek Group, Ferretti Group in 1998, and last sold to Gavio in 2015. Bertram has since the nineties been owned by Italians.
Now in 2016 it is just another back to the past from Chris Craft when it presented its new 42 Commander in Summer.  A model which is basically the Austin Parker 42 with changes in interior accommodation layout and a switch to IPS pod propulsion.  The Chris Craft 42 Commander will still be produced in Italy at Austin Parker establishment in Pisa, Italy. Interesting the Austin Parker Chris Craft connection should not stop here, with a bigger model, possibly to be the Austin Parker 52/54 to become part of the Chris Craft Commander range.
In all this worth to note that the two large boating nations in the World, although differing in the type of boat product on offer, have always had interest in cooperating, and looked at each other for input and improvements.

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