March 1, 2016

blogger - All About Existing

2016 has started with a bang, and while the best of times for the nautical industry are still ahead, we are seeing notice who will be the protagonist in the coming expanding years.  The market has become more of a globalized one, with World brands taking a place in the heart of customers.  
What will be the most different from the market of five six years ago is that today the market has become one of global entity, with some names taking World fame.  The others who used to enjoy a fame in the home market will have to see what there position will be in the coming couple years.  For them at the moment it is all about rebuilding and existing, making know to your customers you exist and ready to go. 
For the first months of 2016 in fact we have seen a couple of restarts from Canados to that of Fairline, and other companies are showing they are still there to show there part.  See Rizzardi who participated at the Nauticsud Naples boat show with an Incredible model. 
It will be interesting times ahead, especially for Europe's regional builders who usually are known for making very interesting semi custom products.  A part of this will also come from customers, if most buyers will be new it will be a safe choice they will go to the brand they or the friend knows. 
Still not opening yourself to other possibilities might be a lost chance to have a better product, and one which fits your criteria more.      

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