March 29, 2016

Jarrett Bay New Web Site

Founded in 1986 and this year celebrating thirty years in business custom sportfish builder Jarrett Bay Boatworks presents a newly updated website. Located as the majority of the Custom Sportfish builders in Carolina region, Jarrett Bay founders actually started up by offering charter fishing services. Out of need in 1986 the company needed to replace its boat, and here Jarrett Bay Boatworks is founded. Two years later the launching of hull number one, the 52 feet Sensation is a reality. Over twenty years later and main engines changed m/y Sensation is still in service as a full time charter boat. In the same year to the splashing of Sensation, number two goes in the water and as at today Jarrett Bay is building its hull number 62. what is the new 90 feet flagship.  That is excluding the twenty plus deliveries of semi custom fiberglass built centre consoles, which started in 2004 with the 32 Walk-Around Express, updated to the 34 Walk-Around Express in 2008. All the Jarrett Bay custom builds, are made with the cold moulding method, and take about two years to complete. Cold moulding is frame shaping in wood covered and protected with fibreglass and resin. The custom range has seen its smaller construction with the 25 Centre Console hull 10, and the largest being the currently in build 90 feet Sportfisherman hull 62. From its humble shed beginnings, today Jarrett Bay has expanded its facility to Beaufort in North Carolina at a 708,200 square-meters facility. The new building site can build up to four custom Jarrett Bay's in one time, and has also a maximum building length of up to 120 feet in length. Jarrett Bay's new online showroom takes you around with the following buttons: New Construction, Why Jarrett Bay, Service, Facilities, Clothing, News, Boats For Sale, Employment, Our Team, and Contact Us.  Jarrett Bay is also located on social media hubs; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram with a button link to these pages on the bottom left of the page.

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