March 22, 2016

Project: Bertram 58

What a better way to return a legend then to bring back modern versions of the models which made it become so. The new Bertram way seems set to go exactly into this direction, decades later.  Designed as the currently in build 35, by World famous deep-V specialist Micheal Peters the new 58 is homage to the eighties 54.  Delivered in over fifty units in a production run over ten years, the 54 is a legend to behold not only for its sales number but also for the sea keeping its Dave Napier designed modified V-shape hull delivered.  To say it short the 54 was Bertram second most important model ever made behind the 31.  It is also a model which championed the fifty plus feet sport-fisherman yacht to new owners. The Bertram 58 is still in infant project stages, what we know so far is that it will have a 40 knots performance, wrap around wind screen with full view, and hull one is expected to launch in late 2017.

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