January 23, 2014

Project: Steeler 46 Panorama FlatFloor

This new project from Steeler and designed by known dutch firm Vripack the 46 Panorama FlatFloor is one of the most innovative to come around since some time.  To be build in steel and featuring a semi displacement hull the 46 Panorama FlatFloor shows innovative spirit first for its single floor interior and second for its immense use of window surfaces. Another innovation in the 46 Panorama is a Multifunctional tank which can be filled of air, diesel, and water. When filled of water the tank reduces the height of vessel by one feet making it possible to pass for most of the inland waterway bridges in France. If you fill it with diesel your range increases dramatically.  The standard layout of the 46 Panorama is a two cabins plan with owners room to fore, and guest cabin amidships.  All the cabins are located in the main deck flat floor area this also featuring saloon and galley.  Also various options exist for the guest cabin from a separate galley, to two single berths. Three different options also exist for the entrance saloon sofa area, from astern galley, two armchair choices, or two opposite sofa plans.  A semi raised pilot house area features the helm and a relaxing C-shaped settee.  The Panorama series is to be made in four models this 46 being the entry level model.   

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