January 1, 2014

blogger - 2013 Not So Bad

After all the just finished 2013 was not a bad year for the boating industry, the improvements over 2012 could be seen and touched.  Another good news was the turn around from some countries who had in the previous couple of years shown a hard legislation towards boaters.
The top of the results for 2013 was surely the continued expansion of the large super yacht market over 24 meters which does not seem so far from its best of 2007 and 08, with some of the famous brands and most popular models having orders going into 2015.  Super yachts of smaller sizes from 24 to 30 meters have also become more custom in recent years, as opposed to the first decade of the first millennium.
Governments of Italy and Spain in 2013 started also to be less rigid on the tax side to the yachts. Italy has removed its boating tax for boats till 14 meters from 12 and divided by half that till 20 meters. Spain on the other hand has some more work to do considering the mess it did with it's charter tax legislation from 2009 till the mid of the just passed year.
On the bad side for 2014 we have Greece who seems to have come with a heavy tax imposed on yachts, this including even tourists on transit.  France also seems to have made a new berth tax.  As usual in these case the neighboring countries will be the ones rejoicing at these new taxes, with the bitter taste remaining on boaters who might in the end of it get fed up of these monopoly games and put there money elsewhere. Meaning selling there boat, or removing upgrade changing boat plans.

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