January 5, 2014

Web: Cantiere Delle Marche New Web Site

Cantiere delle Marche which translates in Inglish to the Yard of the Marche presents its new web showroom.  This yachting brand started its foundation in 2011 when it launched its first pleasure yacht the 86 Darwin, and is to be followed by other builds and more projects in the future. Owned by the Cecchini family, Cantiere Delle Marche is a new reality in the super yacht industry which comes from an experience of over ten years in ship construction in its various faces, from internal fittings, to the building of commercial vessels. Cantiere Delle Marche is an ambitions project and the yard offers eight models which start from 86, and go up to the still in project 130 Nauta Air. Cantiere Delle Marche new web site is available in Italian and English language, and takes you around with the following buttons; Cantiere Delle Marche, Darwin Class, Nauta Air, Read, and Home.

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