January 12, 2014

Web: Jaguar Catamarans New Web Site

Jaguar Catamarans International from Britain presents its new virtual showroom.  Jaguar is a new company and was founded in 2013.  But its founder Nigel Hoggett comes from an experience of managing the British dealership of what was till a year ago the largest power catamaran producer; the French company Lagoon. With the Lagoon stopping production of its Power Catamaran range, Nigel set out to find a replacement. None was found so the decision and a meeting with designer Bill Dixon started the range which today features four models from 47 to 56 feet in the Power and Trawler range.  The project will feature additional models with lengths starting from 41 up to 76 feet.  Jaguar new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, New Catamarans, Brokerage, Global Search, News and Events, About Us, and Contact. Jaguar also features its social media Facebook, and Twitter pages with a button to join at the bottom of the page.

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