January 27, 2014

Project: Viking 52 ST

After the 42 ST, US builder Viking is fast to capitulate on this new generation of three sided hard top express sport fisher with the project of a 52 already starting to being developed. This new Viking 52 ST should prove a success, and I think it want be long till we see the similar sized open express from the competition to be redesigned with a three sided hard top variant. The 52 ST should also replace the 52 Sport Yacht in production since 2006, although so far there is no official word about this. We also do not know much about this new Viking 52 ST. Will it use the hull of the new 52 Convertible, or the half foot slimmer of the older since 2006 produced Open and Sport Yacht models. The shorter fore deck in the rendering though makes you think this model is very much developed on the latest 52 Convertible launched in 2013.        

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