September 26, 2013

New Model: Baglietto MV13

Looking at its roots Baglietto went to Cannes to present an amazing new looking model, the MV13.  Built of aluminium and designed by Tuscan Francesco Paszkowski, long standing architect of the seagull marque this new baby Baglietto is definitely a stand out looker in a marina for its military inspired looks.  Not a first from Baglietto who in its glorious past build a great recognition over time for extraordinary and innovative military vessels in both World Wars of the twentieth century, and a portfolio of orders from Government departments which continued till the eighties.  This has also led for delivering some of the Baglietto yachts inspired technically and looking to the military side.  Anyone ever seen the 1987 26m Chato?  The MV13 follows the recent trend of a huge day boat with a classic flair to it, and featuring an open cabin plan layout below offering overnight accommodation for two persons in a V-shaped double berth to fore.  Huge twin MAN 800hp power the heavy eighteen tons MV13, in a traditional shaft propulsion, with top speeds of 37 knots being estimated.  Cruise is at 32 knots which will not get you very far considering the engines and the small fuel tank of only one thousand litres.           
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.8 m (45.2ft)
Beam - 3.9 m
Displacement - 18.4 t half load
Fuel Capacity - 1000 l
Water Capacity - 250 l
Accommodation - 2 berths
Engines - 2 x MAN 800hp
Propulsion - line shafts
Speed - 37 knots max, 32 knots cruise
Construction Material - aluminium
Project - Franceso Paszkowsky interior and exterior design, Baglietto Technical Dept for engineering
Certification - CE 2003/44 A 

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