April 23, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 1 of 9

After the positive comments we received for the first Inbuild section dedicated to the new Galeon 340 Fly, the Polish builder gives us the drift again showing us the building phase for its upcoming flagship the 780 Crystal. Galeon has been constantly growing up in sizes in recent years from the 530 launched in 2006, to the 640 for 2008, and the 700 Raptor as the fall of 2009. This is a growth in size of 25 feet in five years, which shows a huge development resolute from Galeon. While this going larger plan shows five years in the making this surely has started much before to the 2006 period. A company needs huge investments to go over the fifteen metres size, such as bigger building premises and also a much higher quality control which a more expensive boat usually demands. The 780 Crystal will be designed by British architect Tony Castro who since 2005 has been a household name at Straszyn, Poland. The above picture shows the construction of the model of the hull mould for the 780 Crystal and was taken in September 2009. This picture shows some things which will feature in the 780 like the big windows for the midship cabin, propeller tunnels, and Tony Castro warped shaped hull which will close to a medium Vee aft. From this the original hull mould will be made and then the first fiberglass unit of the 780 can be made.

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