April 10, 2010

Project: Azimut Grande 120SL

As announced last month Azimut presents a new philosophy for its over one hundred feet Super Yacht models titled Grande. The current over one hundred feet range from Azimut features four models: 100 Leonardo, 103SL, 105, and 116. The 120SL is the first of four Grande new models announced, and will be the flagship of the Azimut S sport series taking top spot from the 103SL. A big super sport yacht, the 120SL follows the lines of the current S line flagship showing the Righini design touch and should launch in before the end of 2010. It will be the beginning of more bigger Grande Azimut's from the 100 with raised pilothouse, to a 110 having a widebody, and a 126 with two a half decks. Until the launch of the Azimut 126, the 120SL will be Azimut's biggest ever built yacht taking top spot from the much famed early nineties launched 118 Penthouse model. Azmiut's Grande philosophy also aims to distinct itself from its smaller builds and most importantly from other builders offering a Personal Design Equipe to the owner so to make a unique highly semi-custom yacht.

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