December 1, 2009

World Wide Web

For the yachting industry the world wide web was indirectly responsible for its growth in recent years just much as easy credit, and James Bond action movies, and only porn, and online gaming might have joyed a bigger Internet help. As all good things but today there is another face to the coin and builders face a new challenge to perfection. A few years ago good marketing, a hard copy brochure, and perfect boat show stands was all it was needed to put yourself on the top. Yes! Most owners use there boats an average of one month a year and usually a crew, the marina, or the yard are responsible for the work and the pain the shiny plastic boat gives! As long as it is good and works, it is perfect.
Today but the World is changed and people before actually buying browse the net, check the forums and discuss this and that with a person they don't know. Yes he surely is talented that guy on forum X as he speaks a lot there and seems to use the strange nautical words as used in the marina. So I better believe what he says! While checking for information is good, I suggest if you are ever in doubt in your ability to put a surveyor on your bill in your boat purchase being it new or used, and to always take what is said on these forums with a pinch of salt. Like anything there is competition and a qualified Mr.X might be disgruntled how company A treated him in the recent past, and supporting better company B who is paying his bills at the moment. Another thing I would qualify as a scam is someone who says horror stories of a yacht brand without actually proofing it with a photograph, or a photo which shows just a bottom or piece of fiberglass.
The facts are that the Internet is a super resource of information, but like any news this has to proven down to facts not just words on a forum or website from someone with a fancy user name. If you think yacht A is the boat, but you hear bad stories get a surveyor to tell you the facts, and if he inspected some boats of the brand you are interested is also better. Remember also the saying: Good news travel but bad ones go faster then the speed of light. I would also add if someone wants to add traffic to his site I am sure it is easier with bad news then with good ones.

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