December 3, 2009

Project: Ocean Yachts 64 Makaira

Makaira is the Latin name for the Marlin fish, and this is how New Jersey boat builder Ocean Yachts names its new innovative Sportfish Yacht to fill the void between its 58 and 73 Super Sport models. A void left empty since the stop production of the 62 Super Sport a couple of years ago. Ocean Yachts has been one of the most successful builders of Sportfish cruisers and yachts thanks to a luxury interior which also gives the ladies a consensus on the choice of there mates. Designed by Applied Concepts Unleashed from Florida renowned for there work with most custom Sportfish Yachts names, the 64 Makaira by Ocean Yachts creates a new brand and wants to hit revolution in this size offering speeds close to the 50 knot mark, light weight but strong construction to challenge the cold molding method, and a superior eight berth four stateroom accommodation. The 64 Makaira shows also a lower windshield design! Will it be real or not? If real Ocean Yachts will be the second major US builder to take this route, although it did not present a wrap around concept as Bertram did, but went for an integrated look. Construction for the 64 Makaira is also different to the other Ocean Yachts models building its new branded Sportfish in a vacuum infused fully cored hull with Corecell, featuring also an infused stringer system which gives the desired finishing and strength. Ocean Yachts say this method will guarantee strength, and a huge saving in weight over the competition. Hull number one is nearly completed so now I think its up to see the new Ocean Yachts 64 Makaira for real, with an official presentation most probably taking place at the Miami show in February.


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