December 4, 2009

INBUILD ~ Galeon 340 Fly Part 2 of 4

We continue with part two of Galeon 340 Fly INBUILD. This new Galeon model after being presented as a project in October is set for its World wide launch coming January in Dusseldorf 2010. With the launching date being so close preparation in Poland for the 340 Fly is going full speed, to take the new model at one of the biggest global boat shows as polished and finalized as much as possible. While the prototype hull number one very rarely is a perfect hundred per cent, Galeon staff was explaining that for them to take a new model to a show a ninety out of hundred standard has to be achieved. Here as the picture shows Galeon glass people are preparing the super structure deck after this was released from the mold. As it can be seen by the masking tape we are observing the finishing touches for the non skid surfaces for the fore part of the deck. This part is usually the most used by the crew for securing the boat in the marina, or dropping anchor in some nice anchorage. While a designer normally sets the position of the non slip surfaces in the project, the yard will normally modify this, seeing fit how a crew behaves on deck, and if some areas tend to come out smaller then accepted, these are increased for major safety. The process of the non skid surfaces is normally seen on hull one, and after that the builder modifies the mold, in order to hurry up the process in the following builds.

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