June 28, 2014

Web: Itama New Web Site

Itama from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom. Itama was founded in 1969 by Mario Amati, with the name of the brand coming from the surname of the founder as reflected in the sea, in opposite reading. Itama first location was in Lungotevere Dante, changed in 1977 to a new bigger location on the left side of the Tiber river. This will be the Itama home for a some decades before the change of ownership to Ferretti Group at the end of 2004. Currently Itama are being build in two of the Ferretti Group factories in Forli and Mondolfo. Itama model history is also curious, at first the company started up by building custom wooden flybridge motor cruisers and yachts, but it will be the year 1980 which brings the big change. Inspired by a famous US sport cruiser, Mario Amati decides to compete and creates one of the gems of Italian motor boating history, the Itama 38 an offshore style sport cruiser with a deep 22 degrees Vee shape hull. Its a turn around for Itama, making the total move to fiberglass production, and also for innovating. Sold in over hundred units in a production run lasting over twenty years the Itama 38 was also the first inboard powered motor boat to feature an underwater exhaust system. Other Itama models will follow after this in the eighties from the 45, to the 52 then renamed and updated as 54 after some years. Mario Amati will sell most of his shares of Itama in 2001, with the company being controlled for the majority stake by Bulgari with this selling to Ferretti Group at the end of 2004. Currently Itama builds three models; 45, 62, and 75. Itama new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Range, News And Events, Dealer And Service Network, Pre-Owned, and Owners Area. Itama new web site also features links to the Ferretti Group Social medial pages; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Linkedin at the bottom right of the home page.

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  1. Here is a lonk to the original Itama premises in Rome between 1976 till 2004; http://www.marinadiroma.com/