August 25, 2010

Projects: Hatteras GT54, Hatteras GT63

Hatteras presents the projects of two new models which show the expanding of the new GT line, which will start with the launching of the GT60 this coming fall. Pictured above is the first of these new projects what will be the lightest, smallest of the Hatteras line the GT54. A completely new model versus the 54 Convertible which decreases a couple inches of overall length, but increases beam by over a feet versus the model it replaces. The beam addition adds space to the GT54 having a three double cabins with two heads lower deck. Construction continues Hatteras resin infusion method build which reduces weight and adds strength. The GT54 keeps on its Carolina style with a smooth shear line, dynamic bow flare, and a foredeck carefully balanced with the low super structure. Hull shape is the Hatteras convex bow variable Vee with deep propeller pockets aft. Power is from twin Cat engines with a standard 1150hp or optional 1600hp. This later option giving a 41 knots top speed. Hatteras design project team has been very busy lately and in less of a year time a total of three new models should be presented. The GT63 project pictured above is in my understanding a replacement of the 64 Convertible, although in the press release I received this does not say. If compared with the 64 the GT63 adds sixteen centimetres of more beam, looses the large hull view windows to mid ship, and will feature a standard four cabins three shower heads layout. The looks of the GT63 by the rendering above show also a more classic taste also thanks to the wooden stern, and a more higher bow. Hatteras has always approached a modern global Carolina design but always with a clean distinction like a soft bow flare, and a smooth shear line. Power which is an important part of the new GT series goes again above the forty plus barrier with the large Cats 1900hp option doing 41 knots of max and a 36 cruise. Another strong data of the new GT models is a 400 NM range. Unveiling of the GT63 is set for the 2011 Miami show in February.