March 1, 2010

blogger - Americas Cup

During my review of the 33rd America's Cup I received a good number of messages with some in favour for speaking about it, and a smaller part of these being against. Those who where not in favour, argued that PowerYacht is not about sailing so the Americas Cup has no place here. On the other part those who liked the little follow up that PowerYacht did where pretty much positive and upbeat about it all. For example a message stated, that although he was a keen motor boater he liked that PowerYacht followed the America's Cup because of the technological innovation it brings forthwith. This is also a big part of my reason why I follow the cup, with the other being it still remains among the most drama filled racing competition.
The Americas Cup has always seen a lot of money go into it, and for that reason it is the ultimate real testing laboratory for new technology on the water. Think of it as the most innovative real water testing field. No one in marine water sports invest so much and even prime power boating teams competing in P1 or Class 1 have about a 1% budget compared to that of a highly challenged America's Cup team. For the money spent and research going into it the Americas Cup will remain the premier boating sport from which ever way you look at it.
Now that the unusual Deed of Gift 33rd edition is over the World's oldest sport trophy can look forward or backwards. Yes because the Deed of Gift match as it was last month, is always a no limit battle which equals to who spends and invests the most usually wins. This means extraordinary innovations and a more open construction rule book which resulted in the higher speeds and the use of a wing instead of a soft sail from the winning US trimaran BMW Oracle.

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