January 1, 2010

blogger - Bye 2009

Finally says the boating industry 2009 is over. The just past year has been a difficult one for an industry, which ended one of its most successful decades, before suffering a big set back in the 2008 global recession. The boating World had made huge steps in sizes and sales, with some successful companies those which offered a product with an image of status symbolism becoming huge corporations which was unimaginable ten years before. Yacht building though is under going changes to what was seen in the last years and people are returning to more a simplistic way of going on the water, with smaller medium sizes becoming again popular. Figures actually state that sales between thirty or forty feet have been good in 2009. This shows that the boaters floating back to the market are for the most part more hands on type passionate owners. This is good for the industry! Now it is to see if marinas, yards and the maintenance part, which for the most part was gearing for an industry filled with a pay and we do it service for super yachts is ready to change its mentality to more a helping boaters type, as it was in the prior last decade of the twentieth century.
A good news for 2010 is also the return of real racing for the Americas Cup. Sports oldest competition has been court commissioned since the Summer of 2007 by US BMW Oracle, who said Swiss Alinghi was twisting the rules in its favour making the already known for defender advantage unbearable for any competitor. The New York court to which the Americas Cup must respond gave always right to the US Oracle team which won all sentences in the US New York courts in its favour. Now finally a date is set and the real competition returns on the water as ruled by the court in Valencia with Monday 8Th February signalling the return of the duel. The deed of gift says it to be a best of three racing but the Defender and Challenger also signalled that a possibility of deciding for a best of five or seven race is possible. Whatever this will be the fact that the Americas Cup is back on the water is good as it creates big interest not only to sailing but also to boats and water sports.

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