November 26, 2022

Classic Hatteras Yachts Hits Reef in Alcatraz

A classic sixteen meters Hatteras yacht hit the reef off Alcatraz island in San Francisco bay on the morning of Saturday 26 November at about 0955 hours.  The Hatteras had two people and three dogs onboard who where assisted and rescued by the the San Francisco Fire Department and US Coast Guard.  The impact left the yacht hard on the reefs with the owner working with the coast guard for recovery.  No one was injured in the accident. Once the most famous federal prison in the World, today Alcatraz island is a tourist attraction managed by the National Park Service.  
The Hatteras yacht in this accident is a 53 Yacht Fisherman series I produced from 1977 to 1981.  Based on the 53 Motor Yacht released in 1969, the Hatteras 53 Yacht Fisherman series I designed by Jack Hargrave offered an interior with two cabins, and or optional three double cabins, with an aft master cabin. The Hatteras 53 Yacht Fisherman series I was powered by twin Detroit's 450hp as standard with a top speed of about twenty knots. Due to demand Hatteras re-released a near identical 53 Yacht Fisherman series II in 1987 produced till 1990. 

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