November 5, 2022

Project: Jarrett Bay 90 Sportfisherman Hull #68

Jarrett Bay Boatworks is excited to announce the commission of hull #68 by repeat owners for an impressive upgrade to a high-tech 27 meter super sportfish yacht with a full tower and open bridge.  Hull #68 will share Jarrett Bay's flagship spot with the 90 hull #62 launched in 2017, although technically looking at details this hull #68 is a bit larger and wider.  This custom ninety feet Jarrett Bay will be added to the builder’s long list of extraordinary projects with cutting-edge infusion and advanced lamination techniques, both to the superstructure and the decks, to save weight. The cold-molded hull will be traditionally crafted to ensure Jarrett Bay’s signature legendary ride, while a massive cockpit and bridge will provide the space needed to fish and relax comfortably. The range is expanded with her ability to carry more than 15,000 litres of fuel, allowing for extended travel.  There are few compliments greater than a returning customer, and Jarrett Bay boasts many owner families who have entrusted their craftspeople to build their dream sportfishing boat or yacht more than once. Final details are currently under review, including power options and the interior arrangement. Construction is set to begin in the early part of 2023. 

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