November 1, 2022

Flybridge Cruiser Ends on Reef in Procida

A twelve meter flybridge cruiser ended on a reef in the Island of Procida on the afternoon of first November.  The flybridge cruiser ended beached to the West of Procida near Punta Serra and Pozzo Vecchio.  In late afternoon a Coast Guard rib boat was trying to pull tow away the cruiser with no success.
The flybridge cruiser in this accident is Hudson Ricci 40 produced from 1989 to 1992 in 36 units in two versions.  This Hudson Ricci 40 is the second version called poppa lunga, long stern produced from 1990 to 92 in seventeen units.  The Hudson Ricci 40 was designed by Fred Hudson, hull shape by Jim Wynn and Walt Walters, and interiors by Macchi and Roseo. The Hudson Ricci 40 offered a two cabin interior with a rare to find three cabins option with galley up and a third single berth cabin to starboard.  Power came from twin Cat 380hp with the last three hulls powered by the 420hp.  
Hudson and Ricci was Cantieri dell Pardo famous its Grand Soleil sailing cruisers and yachts motor boat brand born in 1988 and continued till 1997 producing two models in that time, the 40 and the 54 from 1993.  Pardo will return to motorboat production again in 2017 starting with the 43 sport cruiser walkaround and today expanded to six models from eleven to 23 meters.

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