February 1, 2018

Giovanni Jannetti 1930 - 2018

Giovanni Jannetti left for the better World in 31st January 2018 at the age of 87 years at Versilia Hospital in Viareggio.  Born in 1930 Giovanni Jannetti originally from Abruzzo, becomes a Viareggio resident and an important name for motor yachting and the Italian pleasure boating industry when in 1972 he takes over Sanlorenzo of Viareggio, founded by Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia in 1958.  As soon as Jannetti takes over Sanlorenzo he starts to renew the line and expands its size up to 22 meters.  In 1985 Jannetti makes an important change for Sanlorenzo with the first 57 build in fiberglass, which will start a transition to switch all the models in this building method, and in 1988 launches the first 80, which will mark the builders entry into super yachts.  In 1999 Jannetti moves Sanlorenzo to Ameglia near La Spezia, in order to improve production and expand size.  In 14 April 2005 Giovanni Jannetti sells Sanlorenzo to Massimo Perotti, marking his retirement.  A conservative type, Sanlorenzo under Jannetti was a build to order yacht builder building about ten to twenty yachts a year most of which on client's request, speculation builds where rarely made.  Giovanni Jannetti was a yachting entrepreneur of the old style remembered as a gentleman of the Italian pleasure boating industry.

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