February 11, 2018

Web: Couach New Web Site

A new web showroom from renowned French Motor and Super Yacht builder Couach Yachts. Founded in 1897 as a marine engine company, Couach goes on in 1946 to start building boats with the Arcoa Yachts brand, and in 1962 forms the Guy Couach Yachts brand. In 1970 the French brand offers yachts from twelve to sixteen meters which get incredible recognition, with the company also forming the military patrol boats company Plascoa. 1998 the company sets its sights on the super yacht segment over eighty feet, with this resulting in buying the IMS shipyard in Toulon. In 2011 Couch is acquired by Nepteam. Today Couach Yachts offers ten models from eleven up to fifty meters, divided into a four range set up; Mediterranean, Sport, Lounge, and Custom Line.  Couach line up starts with the outboard powered center console sport boat Mediterranean 1100 S, up to the 5000 Custom Line flagship which has been delivered in two units. The new Couach website is available in French and English language, and has the following main tabs: The Shipyard, The Craft, The Yachts, Contact, and Media.

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