February 1, 2018

blogger - Dusseldorf Showdown

It was a big showdown for what is considered the largest on land and all inside boat show on the planet.  Dusseldorf always delivers but for 2018 it had an extra gear with all the main European players not only attending but coming to the show with an important display.  For nine days in the last week of January 2018 the North Central German city connected to the North Sea by the Rhine river was the super market of yachting.
There was a lot of important players who made the 2018 Dusseldorf a special one.  Azimut used the show to unveil two novelties, Ferretti Group made a big statement taking along some of its most important recent new models and presenting projects and plans for the future, and Princess who has been a big supporter of the show in recent years continued where it left.  
Obviously such attention to Dusseldorf comes as proof of a healthy Yachting sector and a believe that the European and the Global economy is on the upswing.  More so it shows a believe in the German economy, which has always had an important role in the European economy.

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