February 18, 2018

Project: Uniesse 125 Tri Deck

Uniesse continues in its pursuit in exciting its fans and boaters alike with an endless list of new projects coming out from the technical office of the Italian build American owned name.  The Uniesse 125 Tri Deck is the latest to come from the drawing board what is a flagship largest project to date.  As the model name says the 125 is a triple deck super yacht and will also feature a semi wide body design for the main deck, this portion usually reserved to a spacious owners stateroom.  The second deck which also accommodates the pilothouse will feature a Portuguese style forward balcony.  It will be interesting to see if Uniesse will produce this project or any other of the three projects above the 24 meter size it presented in recent years, with its largest ever build still being the 75 HT model it launched in the end of 2007.

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