December 1, 2021

Classic Bertram Sinks in Fort Lauderdale

An eighteen meter classic Bertram sportfish yacht sank in the evening of thirty November while in its mooring on the Miami river, Fort Lauderdale.  The eighteen meter Bertram sank due to the neglect of recent years, with some reports stating it was not used and rotting in its slip for about ten years.  The day after to the sinking on the first December the yacht was taken and salvaged to the Bradford Yacht Service in Fort Lauderdale. 
The Bertram in this photo is a 60 model, an evolution of the top selling 54 in length.  The 60 was produced from 1992 to 2002, and like the 54 and all Bertram's from 1972 till 1998 is designed by Dave Napier. The Bertram 60 like the 54 is renowned for having one of the best seaworthy hulls ever made. Napier modified Vee hull in the seventies was a change deep forefoot entry of forty degrees plus modifying to a closing medium Vee.  This hull design unlike a full deep Vee makes planning easier at slower speeds, and as a fishing platform rolls less in slow trolling on beamy seas   The Bertram 60 had an interior of three double cabins and three heads, with a rare four cabins option.  Power usually came from GM or Cat engines of 1300 to 1450hp allowing for top speeds up to the mid thirties with the large option.  In 1997 Studio Faggioni from Italy updated the interior and tiny bits of the exterior in the Bertram 60, creating the second generation series.   The Bertram 60 was replaced by the Zuccon designed 630 in 2003.

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