December 1, 2021

Rebuilding Your Identity

The market has changed so much in the last decade that rebuilding an identity and style is something that some boat building brands will have to do, to capture parts of the market which are active, a lot more active then others. Currently the centre console market is creating such a buzz that many boat builders are trying to enter this segment.  Fiart from Naples, Italy did such a process.

Fiart was mostly known for its spacious sport cruisers of nine to twelve meters in length. Its 35 launched in 1989 which over the years became the 35/36 Genius model was a best seller produced for fifteen years, and the same story goes with the 40/42 Genius.  Fiart sport cruiser had design particulars that are still unfound today, from a flat cockpit deck, and three cabins option available on both the 35/36 as well as the 40/42 Genius.  These details for those that know Fiart still make them sought in the brokerage market today, and in the South of Italy they have unbelievable market strength.   

From 2019 Fiart started a process of rebuilding its identity with its Seawalker centre console line, which has proved to be a good move having sold its 2022 production mostly with this line.  The market has changed that building a sport cruiser to cruise with comfortable cabin accommodation for a family seems out of favour in current times. Up to fifteen meters the trend is for an entertainment day cruiser. Centre console with outside space from fore to aft and walk-around deck is what most customers want and can't get enough of, and seeing the record of successes from Fjord and Pardo the trend is not looking to stop any time soon.

Fiart was one of the first creating a European centre console with the 33 Seawalker in 2011.  The model had a moderate success at launch, but what really propelled Fiart was the new 43 Seawalker launched in 2020 which captured a lot of attention, and possibly also pulled some clients from the household names in the centre console sport cruiser segment. 

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