December 19, 2021

Greenline New Web Site

Greenline from Slovenia updates its new virtual showroom to a new platform. Greenline was founded in 2007, when its owners the Seaway Group started developing what will be the first model of the range the 33. Before actually starting production the first Greenline, a lot of thinking went into research and design similar to that of an innovative car with designers JandJ developing four different hull geometries, and studying various hybrid, batteries and solar power solution. In 2008 Volkswagen Marine joins the project in order to develop a hybrid-electrical diesel power. In the fall of 2008 the first prototype was developed, with tooling of the first model being ready in 2009 and first six production test models being produced. These models where tested in a variety of conditions in several European countries, Mediterranean, North Sea, large lakes, rivers, and canals of Northern and Southern Europe. Greenline has sold over 120 units of the 33 in the first year; today delivered in over 550 units and received a total of eight awards.  Today Greenline offers nine models based on sustainability; starting from 33, and going up to the 68 OC, with its latest project being the upcoming 58 Fly. Greenline new website is available in English, German, Slovenian, Italian, and Turkish language and takes you around with the following buttons; About, Propulsion, Solar, Jobs, Blog, Charter, Contact, and Test Centers.  Greenline is also on social media with bottom links taking you to the Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.
Production History:
33 2008-21 (500)
Oceanclass 70 2011-17
40 2012-
48 Fly 2014- *project 46
39 2017- *36 Hybrid project
48 Coupe 2018-
Oceanclass 65 2018-20
45 Fly 2019-
Oceanclass 68 2021-22
45 Coupe 2021-
58 Fly 2023-

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