December 3, 2021

Project: Azimut Grande 36 metri

Azimut was full guns blazing in the fall of 2021 with an order book which goes into 2024, and sales exceeding one billion Euros.  The sales for Azimut are also flowing in the twenty to forty meter segment where itself and its other household Benetti name has been the undisputed leader of sales since someone started pulling out data of yachts sold and constructed.  Following this success and that of the 2021 launched new Grande 38 Metri Trideck flagship, ten units reported being sold up until end of Summer, Azimut unveils the project for two new Grande's, a 26 Metri which PowerYacht reported some weeks ago, and this second large in size 36 Metri. The Azimut Grande 36 Metri comes from a design of Alberto Mancini exterior, and Achille Salvagni for the interior.  Little details are known of the new Grande 36 Metri, the rendering above just like the 26 Metri shows a very full bow, which with the pilot house give it that explorer sturdy look.  The Azimut Grande 36 Metri will also be customisable, with options ranging from the Sundeck version see area on top of the pilot-house, to the Coupe version which will not feature this for a sleeker look.  Other options will be that for an interior with a double lounge saloon, or an interior-exterior dining area on the main deck.     

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