December 14, 2021

Project: Princess V50

Princess present the project for a third generation V50, available as a deck saloon or Open model set to launch in Dusseldorf 2022.  This new V50 replaces the popular second generation V50 which came with the extension in length larger bathing platform to the V48 launched in 2013. Crafted with a new hull mould, this made to put the new glazing which now shows up nearly for all the hull length from fore to aft, similar to what is on the larger new V55 or on the newer more recent Princess models. Princess is promising improvements in all area to the out going second generation V50.  The Princess V50 mark.3 will be powered by twin Volvo 435hp or 480hp with IPS pod drives which are good for speeds up to thirty knots.  Once you modify the mould to put larger glazing it is a bit a pity that the Princess engineers did not try to put larger D8 550hp or 600hp units which would have delivered more decent performances upwards of thirty knots. 

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