November 10, 2016

Project: Rose Island 16.65 m Giano MkII

Rose Island add another project to its Giano series, what the Italian boat builder refers to MkII model.  Contrary to usual belief the Giano MkII, is not a newer version of the 12 Giano but a totally different bigger model measuring over sixteen meters in length.  The Giano MkII is based on Rose Island's 58 Pathfinder hull and will feature the same innovative semi planning with directional central keel bottom.  The design upwards of the main deck, pilot house is completely new.  The hull shape of the Giano MkII has some interesting numbers going on the plane at just eleven knots and reaching max speeds up to 25 knots powered by only twin 450hp engines.  Rose Island is not giving any layout details for the Giano MkII, still I would expect a three double cabins plus crew cabin on the development of the 58 Pathfinder.

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