November 1, 2016

blogger - Lost Chance

The important European boat shows for 2016 have ended with Cannes taking again the prime spot of the must show to visit.  Still this was a lost chance for Genoa to regain its leadership in the European boat show panorama.  
Genoa 2016 was good but the fracture between UCINA and Nautica Italiana is still hurting the boat show to regain its prime spot.  This is a pity as 2016 could have been the one of the full relaunch of the Genoa boat show.  It was a relaunch but not a full one. A half filled glass that is. When you have names as the Ferretti Group and Azimut-Benetti missing, it is fair to say that the Genoa boat show is not the same.  The Italian names missing in Genoa need to figure that even if they invest double in Cannes it can never be the Home boat show.  Basically to make an example when at Cannes they are always playing away.  
Genoa is the prime spot for Italian builders with some of them having the yards a few miles away from the show.  If you are interested in a boat the next day they can set you an appointment in the yard to have a look at the facility and how the construction process works. This alone makes Genoa unique for Italian builders.  
Italian boat builders snubbing the Genoa boat show need not to look far away at how for example the British support the home boat shows, Southampton the first but also the London January edition due to the advantage a home boat show gives you. Same goes for the Dutch with Hiswa boat show.  
Both the Brits and Dutch supported the Home boat shows even when these performed under expectations.  A prime example to this is the London boat show, who has been in decline for over a decade now, but has always received the full support of the British boat builders even in the worst of times. 

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