November 15, 2016

Project: Rio 58 GTS

Rio presents the project for a new 58 GTS, a further development of the well received 54 and 56 Colorado models. The 58 GTS will have important notable differences to the 56 Colorado, and while the exterior is almost identical when looking from distance the top deck has recieved a subtle important redesign and is now higher and deeper.  This has been done in order to offer a fore deck lounge with a U-shape settee looking forward.  In the 58 GTS the stern area is also redesigned now having a larger settee and only one transom entrance to starboard.  From the intial renderings as shown on Rio Facebook page the 58 GTS should also offer space for a garage.  Other important notable differences will be the fuel capacity of three thousand liters, an extra of 750 liters on the 56.  Rio is labelling the 58 GTS as a custom product and hull one has started construction with a completion slated for middle 2017.

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