November 25, 2016

Project: Sundeck 850

Sundeck has been a yacht builder to watch since the launch of its first 550 model in 2015.  Built to order this model has been a success for Sundeck and since then the company has come with three other projects aimed at expanding the range in both directions, larger and smaller.  The Sundeck 850 is the largest project from the Italian builder and sees it enter super yacht territory with a size of 26 meters in length over all.  Designed as all the other Sundeck by Maurizio Zuccheri , the 850 has a family feeling to the other smaller models.  The Sundeck 850 will feature a semi planning hull, which powered by twin 1200hp engines can reach speeds up to 26 knots.  Cruising speeds can vary from 18 knots, to 14 knots or a long range 9 knots which should give a 2400 nautical miles distance.

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