February 21, 2016

Mario Amati 1933 - 2016

Mario Amati, unforgettable founder of Cantieri Navali di Roma, Itama, which he established in Rome in 1969, has passed away Saturday 20th February at the age of 83.  Mario Amati was a brilliant designer, and the innovator of a unique style of iconic sport cruisers and yachts. Amati was also a technical innovator having been the inventor to launch the hull integrated underwater exhaust system in 1981. Open yachts designed by those who love the sea for those who adore it, the Itama brand name recalls the surname of the founder, read backwards in the sea.  The big fiberglass open models which started with the 38 in 1980 immediately became popular as cult objects owing to their elegance and simplicity of lines, the reliability of their technologies, their strong character and their precise stylistic imprint.  Mario Amati sold a big part of Itama to the Opera fund of Bulgari in 2001, who then sells the brand name to Ferretti Group in end 2004.

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