February 27, 2016

Web: Hatteras New Web Site

World famous yacht builder Hatteras presents its new virtual World wide web showroom. North Carolina's Hatteras was founded in 1959 by Willis Slane, and in March of the following year launched its first model a 41 foot twin cabin sportfish christened Knit Wits designed by Jack Hargrave. It broke tradition at the time for being the first boat produced with fiberglass in this size. Testimony to the quality of Hatteras and the good choice of fiberglass the Knit Wits is as today at a near to fifty years still in service, and was recently refitted to mark a showing in the 2013 Fort Lauderdale boat show. Two years after the launch of Knit Wits, Hatteras followed it with a second model the 41 Double Cabin, this time of a motor cruiser style. In 1967 Hatteras due to increasing demand for its boats added a second factory along the one in High Point, in the coastal town of New Bern also in North Carolina, this in 1997 replacing totally the original premises. Innovation was always part of Hatteras DNA not only in the beginning but during all its current story introducing a number of firsts like the quick-disconnect device in 1980, first production builder to use five bladed propellers in 1985, using integrated propeller tunnels in fifty feet plus yachts, and the convex hull as introduced on the 54 Convertible in 2002. After Slane Hatteras featured various owners over its story which included AMF, Genmar, and Brunswick in 2001.  Last year 2013 in Summer, Brunswick sold to Versa Capital Management. The current line up from North Carolina's most famous boat builder offers eleven models in three ranges: Motor Yachts, Convertibles, and Express.  The entry level model is the 45 Express introduced in the fall of 2014, flagship is the Summer 2013 launched 100 Raised Pilothouse, while the latest new model is the 70 Motor Yacht.  The new Hatteras web site takes you around with the following buttons: Models, Experience, Request, Our Story, and Find a Dealerr.  Hatteras also features its social hubs; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest with button links located at the bottom of the page.

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