February 1, 2016

blogger - A New News

As you must have noticed since the start of 2016, I have changed the way our news are being transmitted.  Now being done on a more regular basis, and if an important news pops up, updating is done on the day.  Albeit this is a small change I think it completes PowerYachtBlog, to our readers and long time viewers.  
This change has been in planning stages for quite some time, but putting it at the start of a year feels better.  There is two important dates for PowerYacht, which are the start of the year, and March as it is the month I founded the blog magazine, which this year will be celebrating nine years.  Wow feels like yesterday I started up with excitement.
I am always thinking how to change blogger, since some times I get the feeling of sounding repetitive, in this monthly feature.  Have some ideas on the plan, we see if I can make them work in the future.   

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